No plagirism , no work cited from wikipedia due 06/01/16 – a

No plagirism , no work cited from wikipedia due 06/01/16 – apa requirements Option #1: Project Problem and MetricsWrite a report based on this scenario:Kernan, B., Lynch, A., & Sheahan, C. (2011). A methodology for improving enterprise performance by analyzing worker capabilities via simulation. International Journal of Production Research, 49(20), 5987-5998. – It is attachedThis time, instead of focusing on strengths and weaknesses across business strategies, research processes, and outcomes, focus your report on the following three sections:Project and Product Scopes: Identify both the project and product scopes and describe how you reached these conclusions.Problem Rationale: Explain the problem(s) or issue(s) that are being addressed by the project. Questions in this section would include, for example: What is the problem? How will this project address/solve this problem?Metrics: Metrics can be very helpful in measuring success or failure, but the tricky part is knowing which metrics will give you the information that you need. With this in mind, answer the following questions in this section: Which metrics were used in the paper to identify the problem? Why do you think these metrics were selected? Would you have used different metrics? What purpose did the metrics serve?Your report should be 3 to 4 pages in length (not including cover and reference pages), and it must include both an introduction and a conclusion. Support your assessment of the problem and selection of metrics with a minimum of three scholarly or professional business sources. . Format your paper according to the APA Requirments Attachments: week_5_contentserver.pdf