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Need it by tommorow Do not Bid higher than posted please!This is a big reading assignment. It is also a tough analysis and large writing assignment. Give yourself plenty of time with the reading. NOTE: although this article is written to address athletes, we can always apply the same principles to the general public. Keep that in mind.Read the questions I pose first. Then do the reading. Finally, answer the questions. Access the following article:Martin Buchheit and Paul B. Laursen, High-Intensity Interval Training, Solutions to the Programming Puzzle Part I: Cardiopulmonary Emphasis, Sports Med (2013) 43:313–338Before you read it I suggest looking at Figure #1 first.Answer the following questions. Number each one and answer it completely. Your total submission should be around 12 pages.1. Designing a HIT program includes how many variables?2. List each of these variables. Describe each.  Before you answer this question look at Figure #2 for help.3. What is HIT’s effect on:a. Motor Unit recruitment?b. Cardiac output? Answer this from the angle of Vo2max.4. What is the recommended intensity in the ‘red zone’? 5. What is the recommended duration in the ‘red zone’?6.  What is the significance of inter-individual response(s)? This is critical in fitness and wellness. Explain it well.7. When you apply HIT in the field what are the methods of prescription? Describe each one detail and compare the utility of each.8. Many of us use hill running or stair climbing/running in our own programs or those we design for others. What does the research tell us about now about the efficacy of this type of training? Why do we need to know more?Instructions: Your submission must be attached here as a WORD document. All references and citations must be in APA format. Include a title page and a reference page with your submission. Pages should have 1′ margins. Font should be Calibri body 11 or similar.