NanResponse&nbsp Qualitativeresearch is defined as “methods

NanResponse  ‘Qualitativeresearch is defined as “methods such as participant observation, intensiveinterviewing, and focus groups that are designed to capture social life andparticipants experience it” (Bachman, 2014). Qualitative research allows theresearcher to observe the social life and as decades go by there are manychanges in the social life and qualitative research allows is to see how wehave evolved as humans (Bachman, 2014). As a result qualitative research doesn’t have a set answer it usually createsmore questions and creates open-ended questions.  As a researcher oneneeds to remember that those participants that share their beliefs and feelingsshould keep the questions confidential so other potential subjects don’t haveset feelings on a certain question. It is important to obtain an answer that istruthful to their beliefs. One needs to be unbiased and not be in a certainside that might affect the research. As a researcher one needs to remember that the thoughts of certain groups maynot reflect on all the populations. In other words other may not believe what acertain group is thinking. The data can only be used to describe a certaingroup. For example, a question may be raised; Do gang members respect thecommunity they live in? A certain gang group may respect the community bycleaning and not doing their shootings in their own community. They may even goas far as respecting those that live in a community. Other gangs may not havethe same aspect of respecting the community they live in. Another question thatcan be seen as a qualitative research may be how do gang members interact withthose that are not in a gang?’Respondto the above by using ‘ONE’ of the bulletin point below in APA format· Ask a probing question.· · Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting.· · Offer and support an opinion.· · Validate an idea with your own experience.· · Make a suggestion.· · Expand on your colleague’s postingAtleast one reference please