My Career Choice Essay – GuideInstructions/PurposeApplicant

My Career Choice Essay – GuideInstructions/Purpose:Applicants have the opportunity to research the career training programs supported by Project QUEST. Applicant will prepare a one to two page essay, either typed or written describing why they are choosing a particular career to ensure a complete understanding of the career, working conditions, wages, etc.The following questions can serve as a guide for your essay.1. What career do you seek? Cyber security)2. Describe what your career choice does.3. Describe the nature of the work.4. Describe the working conditions.5. What knowledge, Skills & Abilities are required for you career choice?6. What academic requirements are there for your career choice?7. What education is necessary for your career choice?8. List the restrictions to becoming licensed or employed?9. What pay can you expect here in San Antonio?10. Where do you see yourself working?11. Why is this career tract right for you?The following websites are tools you can use to begin your