MUST include at least two sources from any media, cite the t

MUST include at least two sources from any media, cite the two sources once in each of the three long paragraphs you post and place works cited at the end of your post. (This will resemble a mini-paper essentially) In addition, you MUST also respond to another student’s post with two large paragraphs of input. Select one of the following questions:Discuss some of the primary aspects of the party conventions, the role, selection and significance of convention delegates, rule-making at the conventions and how this system compares to a direct popular election structure. Do you believe this system represents the best process for selecting a party nominee. Why or why not? If not, what system do you think is most appropriate for this selection within our Country? Explain the difference between a caucus, a primary election and district or state convention. Name the main pros and cons for each. Which process do you believe is most appropriate for the selection of a party nominee and why? Review the historical evolution of the two-party system in this country and the ways in which the party nominees have been selected. Include the evolution of the designation for the Vice Presidential Candidate, as well. Explain why the system has changed over time. Do you think it should change again? Why or why not?