Multicultural Matrix and Analysis

Multicultural Matrix and AnalysisSOC/315 Version 4 Multicultural Matrix and Analysis WorksheetInstructions:Part I: Select and identify six groups in the left-hand column. Complete the matrix.Part II: Write a summary.Part III: Format references consistent with APA guidelines. 1 Multicultural Matrix and AnalysisSOC/315 Version 4 Part I: Matrix Native American Hispanic Americans What is the groups historyin the United States? What is the groupspopulation in the UnitedStates? What are some attitudesand customs people of thisgroup may practice? Virtually all regions of theUnited States were settledby Native Americancivilizations beforeEuropean settlers arrived inthe New World in the 16thand 17th centuries. Thesetribes taught the Europeansettlers new methods ofagriculture and wereinstrumental in helpingadjust settlers to the NewWorld. Native Americans areindigenous to NorthAmerica. In 2000 censusNative Americanscomposed of 1.53% of thepopulation (Ogunwole S.p. 2). There currently morethan 560 Indian tribesrecognized in the UnitedStates. Traditional NativeAmericans are very grouporiented, that look tocooperate and be patientwith everyone. They valuelistening, giving, and livingin harmony. Hispanics make up 15.8%of the total United Statespopulation, or 48.4 millionpeople, forming the secondlargest ethnic group. Many Hispanics choose tolearn their native tongue ofSpanish to communicatewith their families. Themajority are RomanCatholics and veryreligious. Native Americans continueto fight back against whatwas removed from them,and to ask for the promisesto be filled from long ago.Reorganization Act of 1934gave privileges to Indiannations allowing themlimited sovereignty andguaranteed them roads,health care, and education.Before Europeanimmigrants traveled toNorth America the Spanishhad explored, settled, andclaimed land that is nowCalifornia and Florida. 2 What is something youadmire about this groupspeople, lifestyle, orsociety? I admire the NativeAmerican history andculture as it is passedfrom generation togeneration.Theirspirituality with natureand their ongoingstruggle to maintain theirMost Native Americanslive a very spiritual life that values is admirable. Hisbelief in good and evil,is shared in all of theirrespect for life aroundcustoms and ways of life.(animals, plants, people),and the importance of thespiritual world for themis amazing. Hispanics are peoplewho always fight forwhat they want, theyhave great love forfamily junction, forHispanic the familycomes first. I admire Multicultural Matrix and AnalysisSOC/315 Version 4 In 1844 James Polkdecided the United Stateswanted to expand into thelands Mexico owned. In1848, the Mexicans gaveup and the land now knownas Texas, New Mexico,Arizona, Utah, andCalifornia became USproperty.The most recent issuefacing Hispanics isimmigration. Laws passedin AZ and coming fromother states are targetingHispanics for beingpossible illegal immigrants.Tensions in the UnitedStates are high, while ourgoverning parties decidehow best to address theapproximate 30 millionillegal immigrantscurrently in the USA. Traditionally Hispanics arevery supportive and socialgroup. They live withinfamilies that usually goesbeyond the traditionalfamily. The Hispanic”family unit” includes notonly parents and children,but also extended family.One major event thatHispanics celebrate is thatof the quinceaera. When adaughter turns 15 she ishonored with a hugecoming out party. Thistakes place in a mess withwhat is similar to awedding reception heldafter. The young womanhas a court of honor, wearsa large extravagant gownand receives guests in herhonor. 3 Hispanics because we area people not surrendersto adversity and strugglefor our values andbeliefs. We left ourcountry to find a newfuture for our family,work hard many timesharder than the otherethnic groups, to achievea dream that issometimes difficult toachieve without knowingthe language and beingdiscriminated. It isadmirable as neversurrender to his desire toprogress and live a betterlife. Multicultural Matrix and AnalysisSOC/315 Version 4 African Americans Many African Americansancestors were enslavedand brought to NorthAmerica against their will. African Americans makeup approximately 12.6% ofthe population in theUnited States. In 1865 the Thirteenthamendment to theConstitution prohibitedslavery, and in 1867 theFourteenth amendments,guaranteed the rights of allcitizens. Even so,segregation laws andcontinued repressionrestricted African New York has the highestnumber of AfricanAmerican residents, butMississippi has the largestper capita of AfricanAmericans in the UnitedStates. Americans from voting orbeing active citizens. In1954 segregation in publicschools was finally deemedunlawful. AfricanAmericans have had anamazing impact on thehistory of the United Statessuch as Jackie Robinson,Rosa Parks, Malcolm X,and Martin Luther King, Jr. African Americans are veryfamily focused. Althoughapproximately 50% arehouseholds headed bywoman who are singleparents. There is very highadaptability in all roles offamilies.African Americans arevery spiritual and attendinga service at a mostly blackchurch is a very movingand inspiring experience.December 26th throughJanuary 1st, AfricanAmericans celebrateKwanzaa with a focus onthe traditional Africanvalues of family,community responsibility,commerce, and selfimprovement. 4 African Americans striveto succeed and work veryhard to prove themselvestheir value. In Africanhistory there wereconstant events ofoppressive conditionsthat affected the feel ofthat population.Oppression in the historyof African Americans hascaused the formation ofseveral stereotypes andprejudices. It isadmirable as the Africanpeople have risen up tofight for theirdiscrimination withoutforgetting their roots andbeliefs, in a countrywhere do not existdiscrimination, butalways been present. Multicultural Matrix and AnalysisSOC/315 Version 4 Prior to 1830 there wasvery little Jewish AmericanPresence in the US, withonly one known Jewishcommunity in CharlestonSouth Carolina. Jewish American Between 1880 and the endof the First World War over2 million Jews immigratedto the US. During WorldWar II many Jewsimmigrated to the UnitedStates, making the US thelargest Jewish communityin the world.The Jewish community hasconsistently dealt with hatecrimes and Anti-Semitism. Jewish Americans make uponly 2% of the UnitedStates population, over42% of the worlds Jewishpopulation is in Israel.The Jewish population inthe United States isshrinking because ofsmaller family sizes andintermarriage. The Jewish Americancommunity follows theirfaith and rituals veryclosely. They not onlybelieve in their faith, butthey live it daily is theirfoods, dress andcelebrations.A couple of instrumentalceremonies that happen ina Jewish Americans lifeare: Simchat Bat atraditional baby namingceremony, Brit Milahremoves the foreskin of amale infant, and Bar or MatMitzvah to celebrate thecoming of age as early asage 13. 5 I admire the JewishAmericans culturalidentity that goes beyondtheir religion. I admiretheir adversity in anenvironment that hasshunned and blamedthem. Additionally, Iadmire how they wisethey are with resourcesand finances to continueto be a strong force. Multicultural Matrix and AnalysisSOC/315 Version 4 Arabs in the US have nothad a large influx, manydid immigrate during theearly 1900s and a largegroup came for safety afterthe 1948 Palestine War. Muslin & ArabAmericans Most recent Arab andMuslims are being unjustlytargeted for the attacks ofSeptember 11, 2001.Starting in 2008, 130 citiesin the US have startedaccepting refugees fromwar-torn Iraq. Theserefugees are facing hatecrimes and judgment asthey try to fit into themostly Christian culture. Muslims make upapproximately .5% of theUnited States. Of that 42%are African American. ArabAmericans make up about .4% of the United Statespopulation. Muslim Americans arevery modest and faithful.Their religion shows inevery part of their life,from their food, to theirdress, to praying to theMecca five times a day.Women wear burkas toshow modesty in public.Arab and Muslims are veryfamily and communityfocused, and love food indaily life and celebrations 6 I admire Muslims andArab Americans, for theirdevotion to their religion.But mostly I admirewomen for their strengthin a macho culture. TheMuslim women haveexperienced the worstpart of the story. It maylook different from theWestern, with theirmentality, their way ofdressing, their way ofbeing, of seeing theworld. But she has theright to difference andrespect. The ArabMuslim woman has thelegitimacy to claim theirrights according to theirreferences, to achievemodernity according totheir identity while beingArab or Muslim in theWestern world torecognize or accept. Thisis really admirable. Multicultural Matrix and AnalysisSOC/315 Version 4 Chinese Americansimmigrated to the UnitedStates to find themselvesmostly part of tourism.The Japanese Americansdealt with discriminationand involuntaryimprisonment during theend of the World War II.Chinese & Japanese Both the Chinese andJapanese are strongAmericanslearners and contribute agreat deal to the economyof the United States. Chinese Americans makeup about 1% of the UnitedStates population.In the United States censusthe question asked isAsian, so I could not findhow many Japanese are inthe US. The total Asianpopulation is just under 8%and that is made up fromChinese, Korean, Japanese,Vietnamese and otherAsian. Both the Chinese andJapanese Americans arevery respectful of theirancestry and heritage.Modern culture has somany intermarriages hadthe youth and the elders ofthese two cultures at odds.A majority of Japanese andChinese are Buddhist andvery peaceful people.The Chinese celebrate theChinese New Year, butonly figuratively.For the Japanese one of thelargest celebrates in theUnited States is the Obonfestival in July or August,to celebrate their ancestorsand families with folkdance and food. 7 I admire how acceptingthe Chinese and JapaneseAmericans are. I havefound this is the mostaccepting group of othersthat I have studied.I also find their respectof others and theimportance of educationvery admirable. Multicultural Matrix and AnalysisSOC/315 Version 4Summarize what you learned from this activity in a 350-700 word analysis of the advantages of a multiculturalsociety and labor force. Use the following questions to guide your writing:How has U.S. society used each groups culture to construct the group identity? How has each group beenstereotyped? How accurate are these stereotypes?How does the social concept of race relate to each group? What prejudice has each group faced?How do the behavior and thinking patterns of U.S. culture apply to each group, especially regarding class systemsand employment? Part II:Analysis 8 Multicultural Matrix and AnalysisSOC/315 Version 4Format your sources consistent with APA guidelines. Part III:Sources 9


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