match biome worksheet

Match the biome to the corresponding description

Arctic tundra

Tropical wet forest

Temperate forest

Subtropical desert





  • A. This biome is dominated by coniferous or evergreen trees.
    B. Forests in this biome are dominated by evergreen trees and deciduous trees that drop their leaves in autumn.
    C. Xerophytic vegetation is dominant in this biome.
    D. In summer, surface waters of this biome heat and do not mix with lower, cooler waters.
    E. This biome consists of tropical grassland with widely scattered low trees.
    F. Epiphytes are common in this biome.
    G. In North America, the dominant grazer in this biome was the bison.
    H. Blood-sucking insects are common in this biome during the brief summer.
    I. This biome occurs in southern California and along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
    J. This biome occurs where marine and freshwater habitats meet.
    K. This biome covers 70% of the Earth’s surface.
    L. This biome is identified by its hydrology, hydric soils, and hydrophytic vegetation.