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Mandatory: write an objective news articleNot completed (REQUIRED) Discussion7Objectives: 4.2 Expand view  To resize a view: Hold down key combination Shift, Alt, + or Shift, Alt, – or Move below handle   I have made up some news facts that I ask you to write into a news article. Please be objective. You may or must change the words, but the facts are verified and accurate. You may leave out limited amount of information if you can cite a good reason.Please note at the end whether your rendition is objective or not.Mildred Smith announced that she is running for the office of mayor of Mytown.Mildred Smith said she wants to enact policies that return traditional family values to Mytown.Mildred Smith is married to Fred Smith.Quotation: “To improve the conduct or our residents and to stabilize our community, we must return to the values of parents and grandparents, with God, the Bible and our nation being our beacons.”Mildred Smith said she wants to reduce government spending and taxpayer’s tax burden.Mildred Smith filed for divorce in her two previous marriages. Fred Smith is her third husband.If elected, she would be the first woman mayor of the