Make sure to address key cybersecurity technologies, methodo

Make sure to address key cybersecurity technologies, methodologies, standards, and legal compliance. Once you have identified possible countermeasures you will need to determine their cost. Discuss the relative financial impact of these countermeasures, considering appropriate technology and policy changes to address cyber threats at the enterprise, national, and international levels as a result of procurement, implementation, and maintenance. Also consider the policy and technology tradeoffs at each level. Rank the countermeasures according to cost and effectiveness. Develop an assessment of the likelihood of success of the mitigations when implemented as prescribe. Submit a three-page paper that describes the countermeasures, cost, and potential challenges with implementing them in your organization.ease of implementation (technically as well as from a policy perspective)ease of adoption by the workforceimpact on ability to perform the organization’s work (e.g., is productivity impacted, are additional steps required that impede workflow?)record of success of this mitigation on the same/similar weakness