Make a summaryof the attached Reading and also answer the at

Make a summaryof the attached Reading and also answer the attached questions. (Towproducts needs to be delivered). Please followthe below instructions:1) Make an introductionwhat are you going to talk about by order. The introduction should includeeach point that will be discussed and explained in the summary and shouldinclude all-important points in the reading.2) In theintroduction, please define, if there is any definition or terms needs to beclarified before you start talking about the reading. (The reading includemany terms needs to be defined clearly)2) In theintroduction, what is the main idea, (the goal/purpose of this reading), whatis the whole reading is about? Why this reading is important?  And then tell what you are going to talk aboutby order. The introduction should include each point that will be discussed andexplained in the summary and should include all-important points in thereading.4) Start yoursummary explains each point by orders that given in the introduction. Trey tobe clear, specific, direct, using simple English words, and organized. It doesnot matter how many words or pages you write, but of course, your summarycannot be less than 4 pages single-spaced or 8 pages double-spaced. The mostimportant thing is to summarize all important points and information in thereading. (Do not leave any title or bold word in the reading withoutexplanation and summarizing). Everything in the reading needs to be summarizedin direct, simple, and organized way that represent your understating of thereading.6) Do notforget the conclusion, citation, references, and organized the look of thepaper and make ready to be submitted. 7) You need tocritique the reading and answer the following questions (very important)· Whatis stated purpose of the study?· Didthe authors consider all relevant information and limitation? If not, how mightthis have changed the conclusions?· Doesthe reading relevant to a Public Administration and public program evaluation?(This is the name of the course. 8) After youfinish summarizing the reading, please answer the attached questions separatelyin the same word doc. I have attached. That’s mean you will deliver towproducts (the summary and the answers for the attached questions)9) I willrelease payment only if I receive professional work and all instruction havebeen followed. Also, if the work is clean from plagiarism or any integrityproblem and I will check that.  10) Theattached reading that needs to be summarized. It is zip file you need toextract it. It also attached as pdf file but maybe the font is not clear andthat is why I attached zip file, so you can see the font clearly. Questions arealso attached in a separate word doc.  Becareful, I will read the reading and questions and then look at your work. Soplz make sure you deliver a professional work.11) The workshould be delivering in 12-24 hours only. If you can submit it before thisdeadline it would be better.Thanks