Look at materials for Week 3 located above under the “Week

Look at materials for Week 3 located above under the “Week 3: Study” section. Be sure to read your text material, powerpoints, journal articles, and any other noted materials (links, documents etc.) before answering this week’s question. When you’re ready to answer, click on ‘Discussion Board’ on the left side of your screen and answer there.  Regarding this week’s discussion, I wanted to focus the dialogue around a case study to help spur your thinking: Imagine that a Hispanic/Latin American couple named Juan (25-years old) and Eidi (23-years old) come to you for help with their marriage of two (2) years. They come to see you because of marital stress and increased arguments in their marriage.  Juan is an itinerant evangelist who speaks mostly at Hispanic churches and comes from a strict conservative background that some would even say is fundamentalist. On occasion Eidi, who is mostly a stay-at-home wife, will travel with Juan to his services. They started dating a few years ago after meeting at a locally organized Hispanic-related event and became sexually intimate soon after they started dating. Because of his background and view of Scripture, Juan felt that they should get married because of their “sin” but Eidi was hesitant to be married because she wasn’t sure she wanted to be with Juan the rest of her life. She was pressured by both her family and his family to be married so that they both could be “made right in God’s eyes” especially as members of both families hold to traditional Hispanic/Latin American values.   While Eidi’s family does hold conservative values, Eidi has a less conservative perspective and believes in more egalitarian roles for husbands and wives. During their two year marriage, Juan has often commented about her hesitancy to be married and also has pressured her about having children. Although they have tried to have children, Juan has become increasingly upset at not becoming a father which has even put more pressure on Eidi.  Considering the information from your text and other sources, what do see as potential themes to address from a multicultural perspective as it relates to Hispanic/Latin American values?   As you think through the case study, think through the elements and dynamics regarding Juan, Eidi, their families, their marriage, their background, and the possible interaction of the dynamics. Keep in mind this question is not asking “what you would do” in terms of Steps 1, 2, and 3 but rather what are the central themes that you see might need to be addressed from a multicultural perspective.200-250 WORDS NO MORE PLEASE!