Logistics Providers, Traditional and VirtualEach SLP assignm

Logistics Providers, Traditional and VirtualEach SLP assignment consists of two activities. See SLP 1 for a complete description of each.Activity 1 (Assessment Phase)Describe and assess your organization’s experience, if any, with 4PLs (“virtual” logistics service providers [VLSP]).Activity 2 (Improvement Phase)Determine if your organization could more effectively use the services of 4PLs (VLSP). If your organization has no experience with 4PLs (VLSP), discuss the major advantages and disadvantages that might result from using a VLSP for the organization.SLP Assignment ExpectationsIntegrate the background materials and previous course work, to assess the reference organization’s experience, if any, with virtual logistics service providers. Demonstrate critical thinking, logic, and an in-depth knowledge of the virtual logistics service concept and how it could either be introduced, or more effectively utilized, as part of the reference organization’s supply chain management. Since this is a capstone course, you are expected to make full use of your detailed understanding of the material covered in this course, as well as earlier courses (LOG301, LOG302, and LOG401). You should display highly developed critical, analytical and expository skills.Don’t write in checklist form. Integrate the information you find into a well-constructed essay.You may not find specific information relating to this assignment. In that case, you will need to “fill in the gaps,” using your understanding of the company you’re analyzing, plus the sources listed on the Background Info page.There is a 2 page requirement. Write what you need to write, neither more nor lessReferences required