Logistics in the Business OrganizationThe Session Long Proje

Logistics in the Business OrganizationThe Session Long Project (SLP) is a series of essays on contemporary logistics issues, as they affect an organization of your choice. It may be an organization you work for, have worked for in the past, or one that interests you. Read ahead through all four SLPs: when selecting an organization, be sure to pick one for which you can find all the information you’ll need.Each SLP consists of two activities:Activity 1 (Assessment Phase)Describe and discuss how your organization is affected by the logistics issues discussed in the module.Activity 2 (Improvement Phase)Describe how your organization could address the issues more effectively.SLP 1 AssignmentActivity 1 (Assessment Phase)Describe the organization you’ve selected, discuss where the unit responsible for logistics resides in the organizational chart, briefly describe the duties and responsibilities of the logistics unit, and note the level of recognition senior management gives the unit.Activity 2 (Improvement Phase)Assess if and how logistics operations could be more effectively and strategically integrated into the organizational structure. Explain.SLP Assignment ExpectationsComprehensively discuss the logistics functions of the organization. Develop, explain and justify a scheme for performing those functions more effectively, with particular attention to the roles of senior management. Your scheme should be solidly grounded in the material discussed in this module. Since this is a capstone course, you are expected to make full use of your detailed understanding of the material covered in this course, as well as earlier courses (LOG301, LOG302, and LOG401). You should display highly developed critical, analytical and expository skills. There is a 2 page requirement. Write what you need to write, neither more nor lessReferences required