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Length: There is no word count for this paragraph, though keep in mind that most paragraphs are about 5-12 sentences. Your paragraph should be long enough to introduce the narrowed topic, offer enough specifics and details to support of the topic sentence, and conclude with an insight.Style: Use MLA format for this submission. See The Write Stuff p. 14 for an MLA paper’s guidelines.Topic: On Evergreen p. 42, under Writing Assignments, follow the instructions for Paragraph 1: Discuss an important day in your life. Guidelines: Think back to a day when you learned something important. In the topic sentence, tell what you learned. Freewrite or brainstorm to gather ideas. Then describe the lesson in detail, including only the most important steps or events in the learning process. Conclude with an insight. Once the first draft is complete, rethink and revise as necessary. Look over the checklist on p. 44 before completing the final version of the paragraph.