Lab assignment

1) Click on the link to open up the virtual lab:

2) Click “Instructions” to open the instructions.

3) Click “Laboratory Exercise” to open the virtual lab. (It will open in a new tab.) Read the information paragraph provided. This paragraph will also be available during the lab by clicking the information button on the lower right-hand side of the lab screen.

4) Read the procedural instruction on the left side of the screen.

5) Follow the instructions provided.

Additional instructions:

Please make sure you have read through all of the information in the “Question” and “Information” areas. If you come upon terms that are unfamiliar to you, please refer to your textbook for further explanation or search the word here:

In this exercise, you will learn a common method for determining blood pressure and investigate factors that may contribute to high blood pressure (hypertension). To begin, click on the gender pull down menu and select “Male” or “Female”; then select an age group from the “Age Range” button. Once you have this information selected, click “Measure Blood Pressure” to obtain the blood pressure readings from all 10 subjects (patients).

Please place the blood pressure for each patient’s individual reading in Table I only. Then, using the “Calculator” tool on the bottom of the laboratory page or your own calculator, please determine the AVERAGE systolic and diastolic pressure readings for your subjects. To do this, add up all of the systolic readings you obtained from your group and divide by 10; round your answer up to the nearest WHOLE number. Repeat this process using the diastolic readings. Place these values in the correct areas of Table I and in the “Data Table” at the bottom of the laboratory page as well.

By clicking on each patient in the group, you may also read their medical history chart. Please make important notes on this information, especially on individuals whose blood pressure is higher than the group average (written in RED text), in Table I.

When you are through, click “reset”, select a new group of individuals to test and follow the instructions above. There will be 8 subject groups to be tested in all.

6) Fill in the data table(s) and answer the questions in the following link: