Kitchen Designs

Read the article titled:  2011 Facility Design Project of the Year, from the Foodservice Equipment and Supplies website

Comment on several of the design factors noted that you feel present an excellent example of optimizing the flow of food through kitchen design.

Next, find a company that helps restaurants plan their kitchen design.  Post a link to their page.  Make the rest of your post as if you are the manager of a new restaurant, which is still in the planning stages.  You must convince your board of directors that they should hire this firm to aid in kitchen layout planning.  It doesn’t have to be a sell for that particular company, but present the ways that a planning firm such as the one you identified would ultimately help the restaurant be successful.  Tell them why it’s crucial to have a properly designed kitchen to maximize work flow efficiency.

Instructions:  Your initial post should be at least 250 words.  


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