Japan Encounters the West

Discussion 2. Japan Encounters the West.docx
Discussion 2
Why did the Japanese take such extreme measures to limit the number of foreign missionaries and merchants in their country? Were they justified in taking these measures? Why or why not? How might these measures have affected Japan’s subsequent development? NOTE: As you are answering these questions keep in mind that I want YOUR perspective on things. Do not just copy what the lecture says. So long as you have some solid foundation for your answers, there are no right or wrong answers.
Discussion 3. Empires and colonies.docx
Discussion 3
The lectures in week two give further insight into what happens when different cultures come into contract with one another, and when one power tries to dominate over another. What do these lectures tell us about why some empires succeed and others fail (in other words, why did some endure for centuries while others barely lasted 100 years)? Similarly, some kingdoms and states were able to resist European domination while others were not. What did it take to resist European domination? Why were some societies successful while others were not? 
Discussion 1. de Busbecq and the Ottoman Empire.docx
Discussion 1
What were Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq’s views and perceptions of the Ottoman Empire? Why might he have had these views? What problems did de Busbecq identify with the Ottoman Empire? How, in de Busbecq’s eyes, did the Ottoman Empire compare to his own Austrian empire?  NOTE: You are not required to address all of these questions in your response. These are merely intended to get the discussion going.


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