Jac ResponseQualitative methods of research includeobservat

Jac Response’Qualitative methods of research includeobservations, interviewing and focusing on certain groups in which socialexperiences are able to be observed. This type of method is one that is easilydocumented by simply observing or having a conversation with someone ratherthan just reading results, numbers and charts. The goal of qualitative researchis to ‘develop an authentic understanding of a social process or socialsetting’ (Bachman & Schutt, 2014). In my opinion, one of the mostpositive things about qualitative research methods is that it gives theresearcher the opportunity to really get to know the group they are studyingwhich in turn helps them understand their findings and correlations of databetter. This type of research is not one where a researcher would just send outa survey and never actually meet the people responding. It is important to gainthat trust and knowledge of your focus group in order to get the best results.I also feel that one of the strengths of this type of research is the fact thatthere is a level of confidentiality in the research which again would lead tomore trust between the focus group members and the researcher themselves. Thereare several ethical issues that arise with this type of research though whichcauses some researchers to not be so fond of it. Qualitative research includesthe aspect of participant observation. This can be a limitation because it isalways important to ensure that the participants are voluntarily participatingin the study which would mean that everyone involved in a field observationtype study would need to give consent. This can sometimes cause somedifficulty. Another downfall of this type of research (which can also be apositive aspect of it) is ensuring confidentiality. Although confidentialitycan be a positive thing in the sense that individuals may be more honest withthe researcher, it can also be a negative aspect of this research. Most of thetime, researchers use fake names for participants but if a researcher isstudying a group of people from one particular neighborhood, those involved maybe able to identify others in the research study based on certain identifierslisted in the research findings. Thereare several questions that can be used with this type of research. One could be’What family factors/childhood traumas contribute to an individualbecoming a sexual offender/predator?’ Another question may be ‘Isthere a certain type of mental health disorder or disorders that sexualoffenders/predators are found to suffer from?’Respondto the above by using ‘ONE’ of the bulletin point below in APA format· Ask a probing question.· · Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting.· · Offer and support an opinion.· · Validate an idea with your own experience.· · Make a suggestion.· · Expand on your colleague’s postingAtleast one reference please