It is very important to carefully plan a survey research des

It is very important to carefully plan a survey research designand the question methodology used within it. This is because once surveying hasbegun, it is difficult to adjust the basic research questions underconsideration or the tool used to address them. Additionally, this wouldcompromise the validity of the results. In order to plan a surveyimplementation, researchers devise a survey proposal. This may includeidentification of a specific problem, the purpose of the study, underlyingtheories, a hypothesis, and the methods he or she plans to use to conduct theresearch. The method section of a survey proposal might include who theparticipants are, the sampling techniques employed, measurement scales andvariable definitions, a survey procedure outline, and data analysis strategies.For this Application Assignment, you draft an abbreviated survey proposal forthe research question you are examining for your Final Project. To prepare,consider the population you might potentially survey, the questions you wouldlike to include, and the survey technique you would use to administer thesequestions.The assignment (2–3 pages):· Develop a survey proposal for the research question youare examining for your Final Project. Include the following elements in yourproposal· o  The population you wishyou to surveyo  15–20 sample questionsthat you would ask (You may include the questions you developed for this week’sDiscussion.)o The survey technique youwould use (face-to-face, telephone, computer, mail, etc.) to administer thesequestions, and the advantages of this technique over other survey techniquesfor your particular research question.