IntroductionA literary analysis explores awork of fiction,

Introduction:A literary analysis explores awork of fiction, offering insightand interpretation tothe work.A literary analysis is notmerely one’s reaction to areading of fictional literature;it is an objective argument(written with third personpronouns) that uses aprimary text to provideevidence.The work of fiction itself isconsidered a primary text,and the external researchsources are consideredsecondary sources. A literaryanalysis often usessecondary research tostrengthen its argument.Critical thinking is a keyelement to literary analysis,and reading fictional textsclosely employ skills needed across the disciplines, fromcomprehension to use oflanguage to betterobservation skills. Thesecritical reading strategies willbe useful as one undertakesnew courses.Through literary analysis,once can better connect witha culture, an event, and theoverall human experience.Fictional works cover broadthemes, and they includenearly all disciplines, fromreligion to psychology tohistory. Assignment:  For this assignment you willanalyze ONE fictional worklisted under your coursetheme. This theme must bediscussed in your response,and you must include at leastone secondary source.As you work, consider howyour particular theme istreated within the work offiction. RequirementsTwo full pagesDiscussion of course themeOne secondary sourceMLA style/documentationDouble-spacedTimes New Roman, 12-point fontWorks Cited and correspondingparenthetical citations