InstructionsWrite 4 pages outlining an view of globalizatio

InstructionsWrite 4 pages outlining an view of globalization & address the following question; Examine the level of globalization in today’s world in the context of the Brexit vote by Britain to leave the European Union & last years Presidential election results in the US Explore the above in the context of the future of globalization & the economic & social implications of such moves away from globalization This paper should: Demonstrate a grasp of globalization issues & the various factors at playDemonstrate an ability to analysis two theoretical perspectives & outline which perspective you consider to be supported by evidenceObjective is to outline critical assessment of the above question & support with reliable evidence & dataFeel free to draw from materials across various weeks & use additional sources of informationEnsure that sources used are widely known, independent and reliable (such as national newspapers, UN agencies, governments offices) & quote sources in accordance with academic standardsFinally, please make sure that the first and last paragraphs of your essays are coherent and related to each other