InstructionsPlease review the “Young Goodman Brown” Resp

InstructionsPlease review the “Young Goodman Brown” Response assignment documentfor instructions and specific grading criteria. Papers should bewritten using APA Style® format, including proper citation of sources.Resources on APA Style® may be found in the Course Overview and in theInternet Resources for this week. You must submit your assignment on or before Sunday of Week 2 at 11:55 pm EST. Submitting and reviewing your paper: After you have completed your paper and saved it as a Word document, click the “My Submissions” tab. Please use the course name, your last name, and the assignment number as your Submission Title (for example, ENG250 Smith 2-1).In the Attachments area below, click the Choose File button and browse the files on your computer to locate the document you wish to attach. Select the document, and then click Open. To verify your attachment, scroll to the bottom of the page and view the file name in the Attachments area. Click the Remove link if you would like to attach a different file. When you are ready to submit the file, click the Submit button.Thisassignment will be submitted through Turnitin, which checks theoriginality of your submission against other sources. Make sure toreview your Originality Report to help ensure that you are notplagiarizing. Click the colored icon next to Turnitin Report towardthe top of the assignment submission page to review your Turnitinreport. It may take 10-15 minutes for your report to process. Rememberthat you can re-submit your assignment until the deadline passes.Additionally, some of your instructors may provide feedback throughTurnitin; to view this feedback, open the Turnitin report, and click onthe GradeMark button at the top of the page. For more information, click here for a guide on using Turnitin.After your instructor grades your assignment, return here and click “My Submissions” again to see your grade.