INSTRUCTIONS&nbspThe work for this discussion assignment must

INSTRUCTIONS: The work for this discussion assignment must be original you must be able to provide a free turnitin report or a Plagiarism report All materials needed are listed below This Assignment is due back today 5/28/2016 about 4 hours from now 7:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Zone which is 19:00 p.m. Eastern Time Zone Preface: For years’ free trade agreements have put manufacturing workers in the U.S. in direct competition with their developing country counterparts with the purpose of driving down wages in the U.S. and bringing in cheaper imported goods.  All the while highly paid service sector workers such as lawyers, doctors, CPAs, and the like are shielded from competition from developing country service sector workers who would be glad to come to the U.S. and enjoy relatively higher wages.   This effectively means that highly paid professionals get to enjoy the benefits of cheaper imported goods, while still having their inflated salaries.  This has exacerbated inequality in the U.S. due to the fact that manufacturing workers who have effectively had their wages driven down still have to pay for expensive professional services that have not commensurately come down.  This is not only economically inefficient it is ethically wrong due to the fact that lawyers are the ones who actually author free trade agreements and corporate and special interest groups representing the professional service sector are usually at the negotiating table when they are being authored. U.S. doctors have some of the highest salaries in the world as evidenced by the graph below that compares general practitioner pay amongst fellow OECD member countries. Discussion Assignment:Read the following article on the issues surrounding the international medical graduate licensing process: Please copy and paste the link below to read the article Answer the following questions in details, provide examples and ask a question to simulate the discussion: Please use a outline 1.      Do you think the licensing process for international medical graduates is an unnecessary hurdle meant to shield U.S. doctors from foreign competition? 2.      If so explain why. If not explain why.  3.      Please reference the article in your response.4.      How would increasing the number of doctors in the U.S. affect the price elasticity of demand for physician services?   You may use the formulas or graphs to explain your position. Your response must be 1page that fully articulate your position.2 additional references are needed APA Format, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spacePlagiarism report is a must I do not want an answer that is already completed. $20