Individual PortionAll businesses should be aware of the law

Individual Portion:All businesses should be aware of the laws that protect and govern the way in which employees are treated in the workplace. You have been a business owner for years and are aware of these laws. However, your son Lee, a burgeoning business owner, is not aware of such laws.In a letter of 2–3 pages to Lee, provide a description of the following laws that Lee should be aware of before starting his first business:Family and Medical Leave ActAmericans with Disabilities ActAge Discrimination Act of 1967Title VIIEqual Pay ActPregnancy Discrimination Act of 1987Civil Rights Act of 1991Rehabilitation Act of 1973Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance ActGroup Portion:Georgia is a 41-year-old Hispanic female. She has been with A and B Associates for 7 years as a receptionist. The company has 97 employees. Recently, Georgia has been missing work because she has been taking care of her father, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Georgia has been calling out of work a great deal because she is worried about leaving her father alone. She has been reprimanded on several occasions and given a warning that she will be terminated if she continues to miss work. Georgia needs her job because she helps cover the expenses of her father’s home. She also recently found out that she is pregnant and is fearful that she will lose her health benefits if she is let go from the company.In your group, please discuss the following:What is Georgia’s recourse at the present time?What can she do, if anything, if she is terminated? (She is contemplating legal action if necessary.)What will happen to her health benefits if she is terminated from the company?Individually, post an analysis of 5–6 paragraphs based on your group discussion:Discuss the laws and specific Acts (and the dates enacted) that may protect Georgia.Respond and comment on at least 2 other students’ postings.Please add your files.Grading CriteriaProvide a letter of 2–3 pages discussing the 9 laws listed, and be sure to provide supporting information about each law, its history, and how it is utilized by plaintiffs.45%Provide an analysis of 5–6 paragraphs about this scenario in which you discuss the laws and specific Acts that may protect Georgia. Provide meaningful comment on at least 2 other students’ postings.45%Use proper formatting for the assignment and references, and adhere to the deliverable length. Comment on at least 2 other students’ posts.10%For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.