In this assignment, you will visually represent how technolo

In this assignment, you will visually represent how technological innovations have met a specific social need over time.You will write a one to two page commentary (using current APA format) on how selected technological innovations have impacted society in a positive way.To complete this assignment, do the following:Identify a social need that technological innovations have addressed. Examples of a social need include, but are not limited to, water purification, communication, transportation, printing/sharing information, healthcare, military defense, etc.Create a graphic/visual representation of how technology has served over a period of time to meet the social need you identified. You may either:Identify one innovation that has evolved over time to meet the need. For example, show the evolution of an innovation over time, such as, a household appliance, an airplane, telecommunications, timepiece, etc.Additionally, write at least one page explaining how the technological innovations you identified have helped to shape modern society. Support you commentary with at least two example for demonstrative purposes.