In this assignment, you will develop a plan of care for a patient with an acute musculoskeletal injury

Patient Receiving Musculoskeletal Medications


  • Identify common disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • Describe the classifications of fractures
  • Identify musculoskeletal system disorders in adults and children
  • Describe the drugs used to treat musculoskeletal system disorders

Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you will develop a plan of care for a patient with an acute musculoskeletal injury.


An 8- to 11-slide presentation

Step 1 Review nursing implications.

Refer to textbook readings and additional current medication and nursing resources regarding the treatment of osteoporosis.

Consider the pathophysiology of osteoporosis, including those medications often indicated.

Step 2 Read the patient scenario.

An 86-year-old female has been diagnosed with osteoporosis after a fall, which resulted in a fractured left hip. The hip has been repaired and the patient is being discharged to home this afternoon. Her daughter cares for her and has verbalized questions about how to increase her calcium.

Step 3 Develop a plan of care.

Create an 8- to 11-slide presentation with the following format:

  • A title slide
  • A minimum of two slides describing the pathophysiology of osteoporosis and addressing the types of fractures that may occur. Include the most common locations of those fractures. Explain it rare to see osteoporosis in children.
  • A minimum of two slides addressing the pharmacologic treatment of osteoporosis
  • A minimum of one slide with a table including dietary sources of calcium and the amount of calcium in each source
  • A minimum of one slide including at least safety considerations for this patient
  • A reference slide listing any resources used to prepare your presentation

Step 4 Add presenter’s notes.

Include talking points and details in the notes area for each slide.These notes should document what you would say to an audience about each slide if you were to present in person.