In this assignment, consider some key strategies recently im

In this assignment, consider some key strategies recently implemented by Dish in its effort to succeed and compete in its current competitive environment. Discuss the strategic direction of the company and whether you believe the organization to be on the right track.  Make recommendations that you believe would help Dish to gain market share (that is, hypothetically formulate what you think would be useful strategies for Dish to consider).  Also comment regarding whether you believe Dish operates in a socially responsible manner and whether their CSR record helps or hinders their success. This assignment should be a minimum of 5 pages in length. Here is an e-text reading assignment that provides a good overview of the materials presented in this module:  Subba, R. (2009).  Strategic Management [Including Skill Development].  Himalaya Publishing House.  Pp. 77 – 118. Also take some time to look at what’s going on in related industries.  Here are some additional readings on strategic planning and strategy formulation that might help.  Collins, M. K., & Winrow, B. (2010). Porter’s generic strategies as applied toward e-tailers post-leegin. The Journal of Product and Brand Management, 19(4), 306-311. doi: Ormanidhi, O., & Stringa, O. (2008). Porter’s model of generic competitive strategies. Business Economics, 43(3), 55-64.Collins, J. M. (2013). Strategic planning. Printing Industries of America, the Magazine, 5(2), 4-6. Chaneta, I. (2014). STRATEGIC MARKETING PLANNING. International Journal of Marketing and Technology, 4(2), 71-78. Kukreja, D. (2013). STRATEGIC PLANNING: A ROADMAP TO SUCCESS. Ivey Business Journal Online, , 1.Murray, J. (2013). Strategic planning missing its mark. Bottom Line, 29(14), 13-13,17. Salvador, V. L. (2005). Competitive advantage and strategy formulation: The key role of dynamic capabilities. Management Decision, 43(5), 661-669.