Implement client and server software programs for general po

Implement client and server software programs for general posting/sharing of information/posts.There can be many client programs running, but just one serverThe clients and server will communicated using socket programmingThe client program will alternate between a) periodically requesting and displaying newcontent from server, and b) posting new content to server.Each post will consist of a timestamp and a string.The server program will need to alternate between a) listening to the socket for new clientrequests and b) starting a new thread for processing a new request- The new thread will need to act based on the nature of the client’s request:- If the client requests all new content, then the thread will simply transmit all posts that arenew to that client- If the client requests to publish a new post, then the thread will get the post from the client,and then post it into some shared file/data structure. Since many threads might be doingthat at the same time, there will be a need for mutual exclusion when writing to the file/datastructure