Imagine you are a leader in post-colonial Africa, and you ar

Imagine you are a leader in post-colonial Africa, and you are considering what type of constitution your country should adopt. While you are excited about independence, your country faces several challenges. Your country possesses an oil-rich north and a number of large cities in its south. However, the population of your country is divided in three ethnic groups. One ethnic group makes up 50% of the population and dwells in the oil-rich north of the country. The second largest ethnic group makes up 47% of the population and this group predominately, but not exclusively, lives in the cities in the south. The final ethnic group makes up 3% of the population, and this group cooperated with the colonizers.Prior to colonization, the three groups did not live in one unified country. During colonization, tension emerged between the three groups. In fact, a small civil war developed immediately after colonization. Fearing retribution for cooperating with the colonizers, the ethnic group with 3% of population allied itself the majority ethnic group. The majority ethnic group with its allies emerged as the winners of the civil war.If you wanted to maintain stability in the country, would you recommend that the country adopt a constitution similar to the United States Constitution or the British Constitution or another type of Constitution?What would be the essential elements of your country’s proposed Constitution?Review the attached grading rubric for forums.Your initial post must be a minimum of 500 words and must thoroughly answer the question posed.A minimum of one source is required.All citations must be in Bluebook format.Examples are available in the Attached PDF.