Imagine a pathogen and make a powerpoint explaining its det

Imagine a pathogen and make a powerpoint explaining its details.You will need to have thought of the following aspects of your microbe:1. What type of microbe is your pathogen (is it viral, bacterial, fungus or protozoan) and give it a scientific name.2. Where is your pathogen normally found (is it environmental, zoonotic, or only a disease of humans). Is it found globally or only in specific climates/regions.3. What organs/organ system does your pathogen infect. Be specific.4. How is your pathogen transmitted, be specific, and what time of year is peak incidence.5. Create three realistic virulence factors for your pathogen. The virulence factor must have a name and you must specifically state exactly what it is (toxin, enzyme, protein, cell wall component, etc.) and exactly what it does to help the organism cause disease (examples-it has the surface protein Rid X that prevents opsonization by C3b, not it has an enzyme that turns people to zombies).5. Create three realistic symptoms caused by your pathogen that relate to the virulence factors. (Example: if it infects the lungs and causes damage coughing up blood sputum or paroxysmal coughing could be a symptom not diarrhea)6. Discuss either a treatment or preventative measure for your microbe. If you choose a treatment you must specifically state what aspect of the organism the treatment is attacking and how it works (does it stop protein synthesis by inhibiting a step in that process, does it stop DNA replication if so how etc.). If you choose a preventative measure you need to explain if it is a vaccine, or passive immunization and exactly how it prevents the microbe from infecting.7. Lastly you need to create some statistics for your organism what is the incidence and prevalence, what is the morbidity rate. Does it infect all people equally or one sex/age/demographic more than another.