I ONLY NEED THE CALCULATIONS, THE SLIDES HAVE BEEN DONE. SHOW YOUR CALCULATIONS FOR THE THREE QUESTIONS EITHER IN WORD OR EXCEL Create 4-PowerPoint slides, including detailed speaker notes, as the committee’s consultation team and respond to the following:Shelley,Jonathan, and Adrian Stein, the Fundraising Chairperson, arebeginning to make plans for next year’s rodeo. Shelley believes bynegotiating with local feed stores, inn- keepers, and otherbusiness owners, costs can be cut dramatically. Jonathan agrees.After carefully analyzing costs, Jonathan has estimated the fixedexpenses can be pared to approximately $51,000. In addition,Jonathan estimates variable costs are 4% of total gross receipts. Aftertalking with business owners who attended the rodeo, Adrian isconfident the funds solicited from sponsors will increase. Adrianis comfortable in budgeting revenue from sponsors at $25,600. Thelocal youth group is unwilling to provide concessions to theaudience unless they receive all of the profits. Not having thepersonnel to staff the concession booth, members of the CircularClub reluctantly agree to let the youth group have 100% of theprofits from the concessions. In addition, members of the rodeocommittee, recognizing the net income from programs was only $100,decide not to sell rodeo programs next year.Compute thebreak-even point in dollars of ticket sales assuming Adrian andJonathan are correct in their assumptions.Shelleyhas just learned you are calculating the break-even point indollars of ticket sales. She is still convinced the Club can make aprofit using the assumptions above (second bullet point above).Calculate the dollars of ticket sales needed to earn a target profit of $6,000.Calculate the dollars of ticket sales needed to earn a target profit of $12,000.Arethe facilities at the fairgrounds adequate to handle crowds neededto generate ticket revenues calculated above (third bullet pointabove) to earn a $6,000 profit? Show calculations to support youranswers.Show your work in Microsoft® Word or Excel®. Complete calculations/computations using Microsoft® Word or Excel®. Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.I only need these three bulletins done. 4 slides and the calculation/computation using word or excel.The attachment is only the scenario and numbers needed to complete the three bulletins above.