I only have one condition theanswers should be correct and m

I only have one condition theanswers should be correct and must finish it on time. Make sure that it is in 32-bit. Andthe format is just the answers of the followingUse Assembly language code, codefragments to give CONCRETE examples that illustrate each of the followingconcepts in assembly language programming technology. Include examples.1. Move an array or list of values and place themin another memory location as an array or list. 2. A recursive Procedure’3. The trace of the behavior of the stack contents duringthe execution of a recursive procedure, to a depth of at least 3. 4. Stack discipline and the trace of the behavior of the stack and registercontents for nested procedures calls (different procedures) to a depth of atleast 3, using the registers and stack to pass input arguments, and registersto return results. Ensuring to save and restore registers used in anyprocedure. 5. Binary bitwise a) multiplication using Shift and Rotateinstructions. 6. Shift and Rotate instructions: a) look at the higher order bytes and byteblocks of registers; b) higher order bytes and byte blocks of memory variabledeclarations. 7. Arithmetic expressions evaluation at least 3 expressions, each with atleast 5 terms, for example, polynomials) using: MUL, IMUL, DIV, IDIV, SUB, ADD,INC, DEC, NEG. 8. Boolean Logic instructions (AND, OR, NOT, XOR): a) Set a pattern of bitsin a 32-bit register; b) Clear a pattern of bits in a 32-bit register; c) Setand Clear a pattern of bits in a declared memory variable location; c) mask andextract a block pattern in a register (may also need to use shift and rotateinstructions). 9. Use of comparison instructions: TEST and CMP. 10. Use of conditional jump and branching instructions: a) 3 based onSpecific Flag Values; b) 2 based on test of Equality; c) 3 based on UnsignedComparisons; d) 3 based on Signed Comparisons. 11. Translation of 2 nested If-then-Else statements, with nesting depth ofat least 3. 12. Translation of: a) While-do statement; b) Do-while statement, with anembedded ifthen-else statement. 13. Translation of a Case-switch statement with6 cases + a default case.14. Declaration of a mixed data collection involving: 16 x 8 bytes, 20 x 4bytes, 30 x 2 byte and 256 x 1 byte data values. 15. The general purpose x86 registers available programmer (AL code) use.