i need to write a research paper and&nbspbibliography assignmen

i need to write a research paper and bibliography assignment which I’m attaching….Now i need the whole research paper on it. Im attaching another file on how my professor wants us to write the paper and if you can follow it how it is…. another thing, she wants us to use our school database and any other scholars database as well…. I wanted to mention that for the research paper, my professor is huge on in-citations and apa format.. So just make sure you have a lot of quotes/ in-citations in the research paper ok.. Just remember to keep it like a research paper ok. Like an investigation/research etc or something like that… It’s for my social services class for social work. ThanksAttachments: done-4.docx final_research_paper_-_sections_and_instructions_use_as_a_template-2.docx