I need someone to do my Mechanical Engineering project. Basi

I need someone to do my Mechanical Engineering project. Basically, the project consists of three different phases, and I’m already done with the first two, I only need help with the third phase. All the requirements are attached. I already started with product #1, I need someone to do phase 3 for product #1.  It’s due in 9 hours! No games please!! Read Please!!!! Students will be required to perform detailed analysis and design of one of four products. This design work will be performed individually, although collaboration between designers is encouraged. Note that while collaboration is permitted, students are required to submit original work for this project. Duplicate or plaigarized reports and submissions will be disregarded, and graded as not turned in. Multiple Phases: 1)      Requirements and Constraints: students must identify the requirements of the product which they are to design, as well as the constraints which limit their design choices. Some constraint levels will be arbitrary (budget, manufacturing schedule, etc). Requirements should reflect a consideration of the product in use, as to what will allow it to be sold widely, perform well, etc.2)      Conceptual Design: students will provide rough drawings/sketches of their design concept, along with an explanation of the proposed functions/features.3)      Detailed Design and Supporting Analyses: the final phase will include the finalized product design, including any supporting analyses used to accomplish said design. These will be incorporated into a design report which thoroughly explains the form and function of the product, along with the rationale behind the major decisions/trades made in the design of the product. Product Options: 1)      Integrated Upright Hub Assembly: You are responsible for designing a front upright assembly for a modern commercial automobile. You must include everything between the A-arms and the wheel (meaning, at a minimum, the upright, wheel bearings, stub axle, brakes, and the necessary plumbing/wiring).Attachments: project_topics.docx