I need a draft and an essay for English class. Pick one of t

I need a draft and an essay for English class. Pick one of the questions at the bottom.*******Compose the first draft of your fifth essay and submit it to the group DB so that others can provide you with feedback about how to make your essay stronger.*****Content: This first draft should be at least 500 words long. Try to meet the requirements for the final draft as best as you can and submit an essay that you feel is as close to finished as possible so that the feedback you receive is more likely to be useful.But do not be overly concerned with issues related to proofreading and editing at this point. Include with your draft a statement of the “before” and “after” views of your imagined readers.Please place this statement after the conclusion of your first draft only. “Before reading my essay, my readers think this way about my topic _______________ _______________________________. After reading my essay, my readers will think this different way about my topic _______ _______________________________.” For this essay you are to write a causal argument. By the end of this week, please compose an essay in which you argue in support of your answer to one of the following questions:1.       Should someone seriously consider earning a college degree entirely online?2.       Should all college students be required to take at least one course in ethics?3.       Of all contemporary comedies (a TV series or a single movie/play), which one do you feel everyone should see?4.       Should all college students be required to study some Shakespeare? Whichever question you select, you should support your answer primarily by finding reasons based on the effects of following your advice about the topic you’ve selected. In other words, if you believe, for example, that people should consider earning a college degree entirely online, you’ll want to support that position by finding the various benefits (effects) that will come from earning a degree that way. Similarly, if you are opposed to all college students being compelled to take an ethics course, you’ll want to support that position by identifying the likely negative consequences (effects) of making that a requirement.Please do not engage in any research to compose this essay. Base all your arguments on your own experience taking classes online and taking an ethics class and studying Shakespeare and reviewing contemporary comedies.Title. Create an effective title for your essay.Introduction and Thesis Statement. Be sure to gain your readers’ attention with the very first sentence of your introduction. The last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis statement. For this causal argument, your thesis statement should be a clear and unambiguous answer to one of the questions listed above. You should also consider identifying briefly the main reasons that you will develop in your essay in support of your answer/thesis. These reasons can be listed in a sentence that is separate from your thesis statement.Be sure, to craft a thesis statement that has tension and contains a “surprising reversal.” For this assignment, the tension should arise because, once again, you are “gripped with a problem”: “Someone gives you a question that you can’t yet answer.” In this case, I’m giving you a choice of four questions. You should select the question that you honestly feel most people would answer in the wrong way; you yourself may have answered this question in the wrong way in the past. Resist the temptation to select the question that seems easy to answer and support. The more obviously right your position seems to be from the start, the less interesting your essay is likely to be. Conversely, the more wrong your position seems to be at first, the more interesting your essay is likely to be (as long as you can convince your reader that your position is not wrong by the end).Body. Make sure that you use an appropriate “rhetorical appeal” to convince your reader that the effects that you claim will result from earning a degree online or from studying ethics or Shakespeare or from watching a particular comedy are indeed likely to occur. Be sure you employ clear topic sentences as you move from effect to effect, and start each new paragraph by stating explicitly what effect you are going to focus on in that paragraph, e.g., “Another important effect likely to result from requiring all college students to take an ethics class is that fewer students . . . .”Also, be sure to recognize that there are likely to be “opposing viewpoints” in support of the answer that is the opposite of your answer to the question. So be sure to anticipate objections to your position based on these opposing viewpoints and refute them to the best of your ability. Finally, make sure that you always argue “persuasively and respectfully,” remembering to “make the argument as compelling as possible, but make it with respect for opponents and the audience.”As usual, you should include “compelling, concrete examples” and “specific, vivid details,” in your body paragraphs. These examples and details should come from your own life and experience and from the experience of others that you may be aware of. Conclusion. Bring your causal argument to a close. Be sure that you do not do anything so predictable as merely to summarize the main points of your essay.Length: 750-1000 wordsFormat Instructions for All Papers:1.       Write in 12 point size font using any style of font that is easy to read (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana)2.       Place this information in the Upper Left Corner of p. 1.Your NameEN 101: Your section number (e.g., C333)Date3.       Double space and center the title of your essay. Do not title your essay Week _ Writing Assignment. Compose a title using one of the strategies on page 72 of C&C. Double space your entire essay (do not add additional spaces between paragraphs). 4.       Use 1 ¼-inch margins on the left and right and 1-inch margins at the top and bottom.