I need a 6 page research essay with a (a page)bilbiography a

I need a 6 page research essay with a (a page)bilbiography about architecture. The topic is a comparison between Alvar Alto’s building the Paimio Sanatorium and Rem koolhas Seattle public library.Talking about their differences and similarity, in architecture and the philoshpies behind the architecture. I would really like it to be done as soon as possible, since it’s due tomrrow afternoon.Thanks in advance Below is a simple outline with a few resources that would help.Intro:Signifcance of buildings:  Paimio Sanatorium: Architect:  Philosophy: Architecture and Philosophy: Aalto’s tuberculosis sanatorium, now a general hospital, remotely situated in thick forest about 29km (18 miles) east of Turku, is the building that first put Finland on the modern architectural map. Aalto’s winning competition design was made in 1929 and the sanatorium was built in 1929-33. It is informally planned, each department occupying a separate wing and the wings radiating from the centre at different angles, determined by the direction of sunlight and view. The reinforced concrete frame construction is fully exposed and fully exploited aesthetically: taut and muscular yet gracefully modulated.’—J.M. Richards. 800 Years of Finnish Architecture. Vancouver: David and Charles, 1978. p1445.http://www.architectmagazine.com/design/culture/the-enduring-legacy-of-paimio_oSeattle libhttp://oma.eu/projects/seattle-central-libraryhttp://www.archdaily.com/11651/seattle-central-library-oma-lmn seattle-central-libraryArchitect:Philosophy :Architecture and application:  Comparison  Conclusion