I have two stories and I need you to answer 3 questions of e

I have two stories and I need you to answer 3 questions of each one.The Cask ofAmontillado by Edgar Allan Poe’s1. What can the reader infer about Montresor’s social position andcharacter from hints in the text? What evidence does the text provide thatMontresor is an unreli-able narrator? 2. Who is the auditor, the ‘You,’ addressed in the firstparagraph of ‘The Cask of Amontillado’? When is the story being told?Why is it being told? How does your knowledge of the auditor and the occasioninfluence the effect the story has on you?3. What devices does Poe use to create and heighten the suspensein the story? Is the outcome ever in doubt? Lusus Naturae by Margaret Atwood1. How and why does the protagonist’s attitude toward her ownsituation change over the course of the story? How and why does sheparadoxically become more alive and powerful after she ‘dies’ and asshe becomes more and more ‘invisible’? 2. Why does she nonetheless choose to make herself’visible’ at the story’s conclusion (par. 30)? What new insight mightthis episode provide into both her character and situation, on the one hand,and ‘normal’ human behavior, on the other? How, for example, mightthe conclusion complicate the idea that the story is exclusively about illnessor disability and our attitudes toward it?3. What conflicts does the protagonist’s condition create for thestory’s other characters? How do they each understand that condition? How mightthe story encourage us to view their attitudes and behaviors?