I have attached the other work for the unit I completed alre

I have attached the other work for the unit I completed already for review.  Logistics Improvement PlanFor this final assignment, submit:Your final logistics improvement plan.An executive summary of your plan.The final plan should include all of the research and groundwork you have completed thus far. However, it should be more than a compilation of the individual project components—it should constitute a comprehensive plan. It should incorporate feedback you have received on individual project components. It should also present the tools, techniques, and methodologies covered throughout the course.Submit an executive summary of your LIP as a separate, stand-alone document. The executive summary should be addressed to a management team of principal stakeholders. Provide a brief synopsis of the plan you propose, justified by the data you have collected and processed.Refer to the Logistics Improvement Plan project description for complete instructions on submitting the final project. Be certain to read the entire project description and the grading criteria to understand what you are expected to submit. If you have any questions, take advantage of your avenues of communication (including the course discussions and instructor feedback) to obtain clarification.Attachments: unit2_assignment-mba6125.docx unit4_assignment2-mba6125.docx