I have a essay in Islamic Finance and this is what the essay

I have a essay in Islamic Finance and this is what the essay is about: ‘ As an industry, Islamic finance and more specifically Islamic banking, has been criticized for neglecting the profit and loss sharing (PLS) model originally intended as its main mode of operation by the theorists of Islamic economics and focusing more on sale-based and lease-based models. Do you think that such a criticism is justified? ‘And this is what the Instructor is looking for:The paper should be double space, a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 5 pages long. Students are expected to use at least a total of 5 academic references (reference journal articles or books) in their papers. The paper will be graded based on 5 criteria: content, language/clarity, references, organization and completeness. Late papers will not be accepted unless accompanied by a documented excuse.The purpose of the papers and the library paper is two-fold: 1) To stimulate students to think more profoundly about questions covered in the course and formulate their ideas on them; 2) To help students write effectively an historical essay. I want 5 pages please and 5 refrences and MLA format