. How would you define human rights for girls and women wi

. How would you define ‘human rights’ for girls and women with disabilities in poor communities in developing countries? How might you try to increase the interest and involvement of women and organizations active in women’s rights, in women with disabilities?3. Your paper should be written in APA format / or AMA format ( including in text and bibliography references) double spaced and well referenced with at least 5 references for each answer.Please do not use wikipedia as a reference. Please make sure your papers are paginated according to APA / AMA format .The grading criteria Content -30 points APA / AMA format including references and bibliography – and Correct spelling ,editing – 5 points This is a total of 35 points for the paper4. Please answer any 3 questions from the 6 on the paper. . The length of each answer should be between 1,000- 1, 666 or 1, 700 words excluding your references. So the total length of your paper is between 3,000 – 5,000 words in length excluding your references.5. Please indicate the question you have chosen by writing the question before each answer .