How has slavery changed America by the 1850s?

Section A: In an earlier discussion board we discussed the nature of slavery and the slave trade. How has slavery changed America by the 1850s? What are some major issues that come up with regard to the issue of slavery? Please reference examples from your American Yawp textbook. Please include 3 things from the American Yawptextbook you learned that are new to you.  Please reflect in 1-2 paragraphs for each item.

Section B: Please select 3 Quotes from the Zinn Chapter and write 1-2 fully developed paragraphs as to why you think each quote has significance in US history? (Please write a paragraph for EACH quote).

Section C: What else bothers you about what you have learned about slavery? How does what you have learned connect to the video: Slavery: A Global Investigation?  Please share 2 to 3 specific examples from the video you felt had an impact on you or at least forced you to reflect more on the concept of modern-day slavery.


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