history Abstract/Outline

no online  sources just books

it will be done a Chicago style



i’m not looking for The Conflicts Being Experienced in the Nile River Basin  i need you to talk about River Nile with Ancient Egypt and Pharaonic History

Single page, single spaced.

I’m willing to pay: $10

Part One: Abstract

This should be two (2) paragraphs. Paragraph one should set forth the subject, scope, and thesis of the paper. There should be a clear thesis statement in the abstract. (If you do not have one by this point then you are seriously behind and we need to talk.) Paragraph two should be a short statement as to your approach, both in terms of historiographical methods and in terms of sources you will be using.

Part Two: Outline

This should be a roadmap for the paper. It should be a full-sentence outline and not a topical outline. I would encourage you to think in terms of sections and individual paragraphs. If you expect to have X number of paragraphs to work with (give the length restrictions), then what will be the point or function of each paragraph? This will help you to avoid tangent and redundancies.