history:The purpose of this essay is to show me that you c

history:The purpose of this essay is to show me that you can analyze a modern political question using concepts from our class. Imagine that you are at a party or family gathering or out with friends, and that the people you are with begin talking about the presidential election. In 750-1000 words, I want you to attempt to explain to a friend or family member why they should support or oppose one of the four most prominent presidential candidates (Clinton, Sanders, Trump, or Cruz) based on a historical analysis. This essay can be serious, if you want to express your actual political opinions (I support/oppose Sanders because of what I think about Keynes/Hayek…), or it can be more fun or hypothetical, if you just want to look at some off-the-wall question (Should you support Ted Cruz based on what you know about the germ theory of disease?). Your essay must, however, focus specifically on material from our class. Even though we discussed World War 2, we spent almost no time in class and did no reading on the rise of Hitler, so I don’t want to hear about how a presidential candidate is a bad choice because he or she is like Hitler. To get an ‘A,’ your essay needs to identify a case study or concept from class, explain that idea well enough for a friend or family member from outside our class to understand it, and apply the concept in an intelligent way to make a judgement about one of the candidates. Your essay will be due on your chosen week. Choose a due date using the sign-up link on the ‘Course Info’ page of our Blackboard site….Attachments: composition_project_2.docx