Hey! My sister is doing her master in early childhood educat

Hey! My sister is doing her master in early childhood education and she field her course in spring semester because one of the writer here did not give her the paper ( literature review )on deadline. Also, all of his work was plagiarism + cheating her by using one article and cited as different sources. However, now she is retaking the course again ‘Reading, teaching and learning’ and she needs to do a literature review on play so please find research that supports play in the early years. whether there is evidence for the benefit of play in early childhood. Find articles that are data-based. More than 15 articles should be used in the paper. 8/9 articles should be primary data-based studies and the other articles study lit. review.  The paper should have 3 sections: 1. Introduction 2. Literature review 3. Conclusion  Also for each sentence or two sentence in the paper you have to cite it from different authors (from different articles). ( this is required from the teacher if you did not do it as I said, I will ask for the refund) Don’t plagiarize, don’t cheat by putting me article and you haven’t used it in the paper.  The teacher will check the paper in Turnitin. Also, I will read the article that you will use and check the work to see if you did it write. I don’t want my sister to  fail the class again.  Note: you can make my paper wether there is evidence for the benefit of play in early childhood as general and you have to include the literacy and science.. etc or just focus on the benefit of play in improving literacy in early childhood. Important instruction are in the file attached please read it before you start. File attached are all the instractions and the articles.( you can find for more articles)  The paper should be around 9-10 pagesAttachments: instructions_.docx the_importance_of_play_in_early_childhood_development.pdf journal_of_early_childhood_literacy-2009-vandermaas-peeler-295-317.pdf 1-s2.0-s0885200615000071-main.pdf 41482109.pdf journal_of_literacy_research-1999-christie-109-31.pdf play_print_and_purpose.pdf contemporary_issues_in_early_childhood-2011-fleer-224-40.pdf art3a10.10072fs10643-015-0715-4.pdf intervention_in_school_and_clinic-2003-pullen-87-98.pdf promoting_literacyhh03.pdf art3a10.10072fs10643-013-0596-3.pdf social_context.pdf a_collaborative_approach_to_li.pdf promoting_lit_in_play.pdf