Here are all the materials from SPED 293C1.For the article

Here are all the materials from SPED 293C:1.For the article “ECSE Evidenced Based Practices” –please write a summary of the article.2.Using the Scenarios for IFSP I have provided you, write an IFSP for a birth to three child. (Initial IFSP is provided for you)3.Create an Early Learning Center (outline is provided to you) . You also saw the examples in class.4.Create a sensory activity for an early childhood (0-5 years). It could be using shaving cream with a child, using shapes in a rice box, crawling around in tunnels., etc.. Attachments:1:Initial IFSP blank.docx (this is example)2:ECSE Evidenced Based Practices.pdf (this is class book)3:SPED 293 Scenarios for IFSP.docx (you need to do)4:SPED 293C Sensory Activity.docx(you need to do)5:SPED 293 Early Learning Center Portfolio Outline.docx(you need to do)Attachments: ecse_evidenced_based_practices.pdf initial_ifsp_blank.docx sped_293_scenarios_for_ifsp.docx sped_293c_sensory_activity.docx sped_293_early_learning_center_portfolio_outline.docx