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Help 1:  Please write a two to three page paper What you think of using a mayor for business visits. Is this always a good approach?  Help 2: Please write a two to three page paperIf you were preparing a specific set of materials to recruit a restaurant to be installed in your city or county, what items would you include?  Help III.   2 or 3 pages: Real Estate Financing for Economic DevelopmentPlease write a two to three-page paper on what you believe you learned from this section.Review all the sections and pay particular attention to Part 4 on the return on investment and Part 5 (you have seen a more simple discussion of ROI in the Tools section).  Attachments: assign_1_and_2_1.docx week_4_2010_ed_ind_study_module_4-may_23_1.pdf ass_3.docx