Hello i need help in lab reportthis should be the format&nbspPL

Hello i need help in lab reportthis should be the format PLEASE i need it for today also, i include the result i got from the lab Formal reports should be organized as follows:1. Cover PageOn a separate cover page provide the title of the experiment, your name, your lab partner’s name, and the date the experiment was performed. On the bottom of the title page, type the phrase “I have neither received nor provided any assistance in the writing of this laboratory report.’ and sign your name underneath it.2. AbstractProvide a brief statement (no more than a few sentences) of your results and the conclusions drawn from the experiment.3. ObjectiveThe objective briefly describes what the laboratory experiment is for. A few short sentences in this section will suffice. Make sure that the objective does not include any details that might distract from the main purpose of the experiment.4. TheoryInformation for this section can be found in the instructions or in additional references such as the EE 2240/3340 textbook. Detailed statements are not necessary. However, the key formulas, equations, and laws that will be used in the experiment to confirm test results must be placed in this section. Notes on the less obvious points of this experiment should also be provided for clarity. If anything is straightforward, or requires only common sense, then it need not be included here. Part of the theory section should include what the expectations are, in the form of a hypothesis.5. Pre-Lab ExercisesHere you should include the work for, and results of, the assigned pre-lab exercises. Discuss, as appropriate, how this supports and supplements the experimental procedure.6. ProcedureThis section of the instructions guides the experimenter along in a step-by-step fashion. Extra details and any deviation from the given list of procedures should be described. This includes the equipment used, the environment the experiment was performed in, all calculations, the process of determining what is required for the experiment, and how the data was collected.7. Experimental ResultsThe results describe what actually happened in the experiment. A summary of the test data and associated analysis should be included in this section. The summary of test data should highlight the key parts of the test data. Make use of tables, graphs, diagrams and figures whenever possible.8. AnalysisIn some of the laboratory exercises, you will be required to perform theoretical calculations. In this section, you are to present equations and their solutions as appropriate. Some of these calculations may make use of experimental data.9. Simulation ResultsIn some of the laboratory exercises, you will be required to perform computer simulations using SPICE simulation software. In this section, you present your simulation results.In general, you must include the following items in order to receive full credit for this portion of your laboratory report:A circuit diagram with the nodes labeled, and showing element values and element names as used in the SPICE code.A listing of your SPICE input code.The SPICE output file and Probe output plots as appropriate.Additional tables and graphs required to present and illustrate your simulation results.10. DiscussionIn this section (as appropriate), you are to compare theoretical, experimental, and simulation results. Analyze the results by comparing, contrasting, and reasoning through the theory and the data, and present your concluding remarks in mathematical terms.Most measurements will contain some error (difference between theoretical and measured values). Significant deviations from theory should be fully explained. Always calculate percent error and then describe possible or known sources of the error. If the percent error is less than 5%, you can assume that theory and measurements agree. If the error percentage is greater than 5%, it is very likely that something has not been accounted for in the theory or a measurement was not performed properly. Percent error comparisons between theoretical values, measured values, and simulated values should normally be presented in tabular form.11. Conclusions and RecommendationsConceptually generalize the results obtained in this experiment. Everything learned in this experiment must be stated here. Did anything occur to you during this experiment that might save time or simplify future experiments? Were the expectations met? The experiment should also follow the scientific method. Was your hypothesis correct? How closely did the experiment match the ideal theoretical assumptions? Discuss why the hypothesis was correct and why it led to the conclusion. Otherwise, provide reasonable explanations for any errors or discrepancies and identify all of the reasons why the difference may have occurred. Be thorough in your conclusion. Any suggestions or comments should be placed in this section.12. AppendicesAll of the data sheets, detailed mathematical derivations, and external references are included in this section. Data sheets and associated calculations that are included here may be handwritten. If something contains a great amount of detail it should appear in this section. Everything in the appendices should be referenced from the section of the report where it was used.13. BibliographyIf you used any reference materials, a bibliography should be included.Attachments: ee_3342_lab_2.pdf img_3495.jpg img_3496.jpg img_3497.jpg