Hello Don,Your discussion post is well thought out and I am

Hello Don,Your discussion post is well thought out and I am in agreement with your findings.  I like what you said about vertical integration; how it involves integrating businesses towards the customers which in turn makes Harley-Davidson a supplier/vendor. H-D uses the  forward and backward integration in its day to day activities (Frery, F. (2006) Source: Fréry, F. (2006).The fundamental dimensions of strategy.  You further mention after the merger/employee buyout the company’s use of vertical integration has enabled H-D to lower its costs and improve the quality of their output?  Do you believe that in order for Harley-Davidson to stay in the platform they are currently in, is it feasible to stay true to the heavyweight motorcycle that H-D has perfected?  If they change their their strategies to where they are catering more to the younger generation (which would be the next up and coming users of its product, I cannot help but wonder if it may have a negative impact on the core values the Harley-Davidson.  Your thoughts?  Great post by the way, and thank you for sharing.Cathy RespondRE: M3 A1 DiscussionMark Burberry 5/23/2016 12:12:44 PM Hi Donald,Good post, I agree that Harley-Davidson has done a great job with diversification of their products and doing what they need to do to make their employees and buyers feel like part of a “club”, this is what has kept them at the top of their business for over 100 years. You also mentioned that, the company has suppliers that design and manufacture motorcycles, parts and accessories and by doing this they are able to maintain control over the quality of suppliers. As well as them having the control over the distributions of finished motorcycles all over the world and is also involved in delivery of parts and accessories (Fréry, F, 2006). Do you believe that this is evidence that they fully take advantage of the cost advantages that result when firms provide a variety of products rather than specializing in the production or delivery of a single product or service? (inc.com, 2016). Is there anything further that you believe they could do to make the company even more successful?Referencesinc.com. (2016, May 19). Retrieved May 19, 2016, from inc.comFréry, F. (2006).The fundamental dimensions of strategy.MIT Sloan management review, 48(1), 71.