grant presentation on zika virus, with note section

Directions for presentations.Make sure you watch the video that is in the same area as these directions.You will have 8-11 minutes to present.ÿ If you go under 8 minutes or over 11 minutes you will lose points.ÿ If you don?t finish your presentation?then you will only be graded on what you gave us.ÿ The teacher will present the risk factors and key issues for each grant.ÿYou will then conduct your presentation with 7 slides.ÿ You should have no more than 20 words on your slide. You should have key words that help you remember what to say.ÿ You many use note cards—BUT you should not have full sentences on them….you should have key points you want to remember.ÿ Please do not read to us.Slide 1-Intro-population, community, what risk factors are you addressing?Slide 2-significance- WHY are you going to make a significant change? You might want to address the population, community, location, etc.Slide 3-Investigator-who are you representing-what is the organization which is applying for the grant? What makes this organization more likely than other organizations to be successful.ÿ Make sure you are identifying a type of organization that is allowed to be funded in the grant/FOA.Slide 4-Innovation-what is new or improved or innovative about your program? WHY is it different from other programs?Slide 5-Approach-what in your program makes this likely to be successful? What has been proven to be effective and how are you using that in your program?Slide-6- What is the environment? Where are you holding your events, activities that will increase their success?ÿ WHY does that environment make this likely to succeed? (think about the breast cancer examples all semester geared toward working in churches).Slide 7- Summary- last chance to tell us why you should get the grant.