Four double-space pages.&nbsp Part A Using the internet as a re

Four double-space pages.  Part A Using the internet as a resource, research the Coca-Cola Company’s efforts to keep its soft drink formula a trade secret over the course of the company’s ( and the soft drink’s) one hundred-year-plus history.1.  Provide a brief summary of The Coca-Cola Company’s efforts to protect its soft drink formula as a trade secret.2. Describe one (1) challenge the company has faced in preserving its trade secret.3.  Describe two (2) reasons why the Coca-Cola Company would choose to protect its soft drink formula as a trade secret, as opposed to using another form of intellectual property protection (for example, a patent). Part B.1.  Through Internet research, find and describe three (3) examples of physical or mental problems covered by the American Disabilities Act (ADA), and three (3) ecamples of physicial or mental problems not covered by the ADA.2. Present an argument supporting the position that the ADA has been appropriately interpreted and applied by the courts (in terms of the types of disabilities covered), or that it has not (for example, that it has been overly interpreted and applied to too many types of physical and mental maladies).  Provide two (2) supporting facts to justify your position.